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The trim or embellishments on your veil doesn't have to mimic your dress's details perfectly, but it's lovely when they complement each other.

   Alencon Lace

Alençon lace or point d'Alençon is a needle lace that originated in Alençon, France. It is sometimes called the "Queen of lace." It was first made in the 16th century, and is renowned for its fine netting ground, corded outlined floral patterns, and heavenly detailing. Alençon lace is superlative as trim for wedding gowns and bridal veils.

   Venice Lace

This is a heavier lace with a raised floral or geometric design. The lace work is independent and is not sewn onto a mesh or net fabric. The floral or geometric pattern is connected by silk thread and comes as a fabric or as appliques. This lace is also often referred to as Guipure lace.

   Lace Applique

Lace appliques are a single lace motif that can applied independently. These can be alencon, Venice lace, Chantilly, beaded or any other type of lace.

   Silk Ribbon Trim

Ribbon trim veils have a soft silk ribbon sewn onto the edge. The ribbon is just as it sounds - a ribbon made with delicate silk thread - and it creates a subtle shape to the veil that cascades nicely.


Chantilly is a delicate French lace with a floral design made with silk thread on a net background. Chantilly comes in many colors and stands out due to the 'eyelash' style frayed edges along a scalloped edge. Due to its very delicate nature, Chantilly is a more expensive lace to purchase and apply as it is handmade and requires careful hand-sewn application.

   Beaded Lace

AEB offers a big selection of beaded lace and will also hand-bead custom lace per a bride's request. Beaded lace is designed with a variety of embellishments from sequins to rhinestones to pearls. Beaded lace is a heavier weight a pair well with English Net, which holds up much better to their weight.

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