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Veil Length Guide


It's an easy, wearable length. Approx. 30 inches long.


A fingertip veil is a versatile choice for brides-to-be as it works with most styles of wedding dress, from a simple column gown through to something more ornate. It’s the most popularly chosen veil.


Waltz is a length that’s as graceful as its name. Approximately 55-60 inches We make our ballet length veils 150cm long, they fall to about mid calf length.


A chapel-length veil will create the illusion of a train, without any pesky bustling required. A chapel-length veil sweeps across the floor extending slightly beyond the bride's gown,This length is very suitable for the mantilla style veils. If your wedding dress is bohemian style, you can choose it.


On the other hand, you might want to go all out on your wedding day and have a cathedral-length veil trailing behind you as you process up the aisle. This is a dramatic look (these veils are generally 120-130-inches in length) and it usually matches the length of your train of your wedding dress. If you’re having a very formal wedding then this might suit you, but remember the veil is going to obscure the back of your wedding dress to a certain extent.

Royal Cathedral-147“

For the ultimate in bridal veil drama, you might consider an extra long Royal Cathedral Length! Royal cathedral veils are about 120" long and usually trail behind the train of your wedding gown. Whether they have no embellishment or are decorated with lace, beading and embroidery, these veils are designed to create an elegant look for your walk down the aisle!

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